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Cadres Conference Convened in DUT

Oct 30, 2018 Du Yichen

On October 17, DUT held a cadres conference in the International Conference Center to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the National Education Conference and accelerate the construction of first-class universities. Wang Hansong, secretary of the school party committee, attended the meeting and put forward requirements for the promotion of the construction of a first-class university. Guo Dongming, the President of DUT deployed the recent work. School leaders, party committee members, assistant school presidents, deputy chief accountants, academicians of the two academies, members of the Party Committee, members of the Disciplinary Committee, outgoing school leaders, deputies to the people's congresses at all levels, members of the Executive Committee of the Teachers' Congress, cadres at or above the department level, people responsible for the democratic parties People, retired faculty representatives, student representatives, etc. attended the meeting.


Secretary Wang Hansong pointed out that it is necessary to grasp the general trend and create the first-class university. Studying and implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and the spirit of the National Education Conference, and building a first-class university require achievement of the "nine deep understandings." It is necessary to transform the consciousness of thought into a conscious action of taking advantage of the situation and practicing the "four services." We must overcome passive ideological and action, further emancipate our minds and enhance our execution. It is necessary to improve the ability to serve the economy and society, and accelerate the pace of first-class construction in promoting the revitalization of the Northeast.


We must earnestly strengthen the party's overall leadership over the work of the school. To uphold the party's political leadership, we must ensure that the decision-making arrangements made by the Party Central Committee are implemented in all aspects of the school party committee. Political construction must be placed at the top of the party building work in schools. We must uphold the party's ideological leadership, ensure the unity of party members and the party, consolidate the guiding position of Marxism, adhere to the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and persist in The direction of socialist running a school, with a firm "four self-confidence" and active and effective actions to build a "Chinese characteristics, world-class" university; adhere to the party's organizational leadership, and clearly adhere to the principle of party management cadres and party management talents. Party organizations at all levels must effectively enhance organizational leadership. It is necessary to grasp the basic construction, the ranks of party members, the innovation of party building, the development of services, and earnestly strengthen the building of the party's organizational system.


In his speech, President Guo Dongming pointed out that in the first half of 2018, the school fully implemented the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, strengthened the party's overall leadership over school work, firmly grasped the correct direction of running schools, accelerated the construction of first-class universities, deepened comprehensive reforms, and implemented the fundamental task of taking high moral values establishment and people cultivation, accelerated the construction of a talent team that matches the top universities, accelerating the construction of first-class disciplines, strengthening the service of national strategies and economic and social development, vigorously promoting international cooperation and exchanges, continuously improving the conditions and guarantees for running schools, and implementing a new era. The general requirements of the party's construction, in-depth promotion of the comprehensive and strict administration of the party, and new achievements in all work.


First, adhere to the direction of socialist education, and train socialist builders and successors of moral, intellectual, and artistic development. The second is to deepen reform, strengthen characteristics, and accelerate the construction of first-class universities and first-class disciplines. The third is to strengthen the construction of the teaching staff and strive to build a talent team that matches the top universities. The fourth is to enhance the ability to innovate and better serve economic and social development. Deeply integrated into innovation-driven development, vigorously promote the integration of military and civilian, strengthen the construction of social science research bases and think tanks, and strengthen the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, especially the service-oriented northeast revitalization. The fifth is to promote international education and create a first-class international level.