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The International Culture Festival Held in Dalian University of Technology

Oct 30, 2018 Liu Jianing

On October 21st, the International Culture Festival was held in DUT. Students from hundreds of countries and regions gathered together in their unique ethnic clothes brought us a show of the global culture. With hundreds of booths, Shuyang Street was decorated into a gallery of global culture and customs.

Mr. Wang Hansong, party secretary of the university, Mr. Zhu Hong, the standing committee member of the party committee and vice president, president assistant Luo Zhongxuan and Director of the Exit and Entry Administration Bureau of Dalian Public Security Bureau Zhang Jun cut the cake together, which was the symbol to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the festival. They walked around the booths, and enjoyed the performance.

Five international alumni were awarded for their contribution in raising the popularity of our university. Later, Secretary Wang Hansong cordially talked with international students to learn more about their life and study here, and encouraged them to become the messengers of cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world.

Mr. Luo Zhongxuan said that, the International Culture Festival is our iconic brand event hosted by the School of International Education and has received support from a number of functional departments. We hope that everyone will work together to create a harmonious campus where cultural diversity could be learned from each other. John, the international alumni representative from Venezuela, said in his speech that he felt an international atmosphere of the university, which cultivated everyone's inclusiveness and cooperation spirit.

With the theme of the multinational cooperation in Belt and Road initiative, the cultural exhibitions and Chinese and foreign cultural performances promoted and strengthened the exchange of teachers and students between China and foreign countries, motivated the cultural diversity of university campuses, deepened the international humanities exchange mechanism, and accelerated the construction of first-class universities.

At the event, Laos and Thai students in beautiful costumes displayed exotic ethnic dances. Chinese students brought imposing Hanfu etiquette performances. International students from countries and regions along “Belt and Road” from Pakistan, Russia and Mongolia sang the song "Red Flag Fluttering", and the exhilarating melody caused the scene of chorus of a thousand people......Chinese and foreign students conveyed friendship, showed the charm and style of national culture, and brought a world cultural journey to the teachers and students with the songs, dances and music with national characteristics.


Walking alone the street, we seemed to be in a world exhibition. Students from all over the world came and brought their food and souvenirs in their homeland, which showed their hospitality and enthusiasm.

Our education of international student began in the 1950s and has trained more than 10,000 international students from over 100 countries and regions around the world. The International Culture Festival of Dalian University of Technology began in 2013 and has since developed into a grand ceremony to showcase colorful civilizations and promote mutual understanding of culture. It is a brand event that highlights the atmosphere of an international campus.