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[Inspection News] The Inspection Work of the Party Committee of the University

Nov 6, 2018 Liu Jianing

The 90th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th Committee was held on July 18th by the party committee of our university. During the meeting, "Planning of the inspection work of the Dalian University of Technology Committee CPC (2018-2022)", ""Measures for the Inspection of the Committee of the Dalian University of Technology CPC (Trial)"", and the name list of the inspection group were deliberated and passed. Secretary Wang Hansong held the meeting and raised orders to the inspection work. Deputy Secretary Li Chen’en explained the details about the work, and Mr. Yang Yuxin, the Director of Inspection Office made his report to the party committee of the university.


Secretary Wang Hansong stressed that leadership team members should fully realize the importance of carrying out the inspections to uphold the party's leadership, strengthen party building, promote comprehensive and strict management of the party, develop a satisfactory education for the people, and build a world-class university. Also, they should remember to do a good job in the unified thinking and implementation of the field. The inspection office of party committee and inspection cadres must adhere to Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in order to arm their mind, guide their practice, strengthen their ideals and beliefs, improve business work ability, focus on strengthening work style construction so as to ensure that the inspection work is effective.


"Planning of the inspection work of the Dalian University of Technology Committee CPC (2018-2022)"

It is divided into three parts: overall requirements, main tasks, and organizational guarantees, all of which clarify the guiding ideology, overall goals and basic principles of the inspection work of our university in the next five years; the importance of carrying out political inspections, completing the task of full coverage of inspections within five years, and strengthening rectification and application of results; and the necessity to strengthen organizational leadership as well. The party committee of the university, the inspection work leading group, the party committee inspection office, and the inspection team are responsible for strengthening the political construction, capacity building, and work style of the inspection team, strictly supervising and managing, and taking inspection positions as discovering and training cadre. The important platform for cadres is to strengthen inspection and propaganda, so that the teachers and students can understand and support the inspection work, and demonstrate the firm determination and remarkable results of inspection and supervision.


"Measures for the Inspection of the Committee of the Dalian University of Technology CPC (Trial)"

It includes 6 chapters and 26 articles, which has made overall requirements for the guiding ideology, the overall objectives and principles of the patrol work, as well as the patrol targets and the use of the inspection results; the regulations on the establishment, personnel composition and related responsibilities of the relevant patrol work institutions have been stipulated. The contents and methods of the inspection work of the university were stipulated; from the aspects of preparation, implementation, report, feedback, problem and clue transfer, rectification and implementation, supervision, and filing of archives, etc. The regulations were made, and the inspection work was to be supervised by party members, cadres, teachers and students; the disciplines and responsibilities of the inspection team, the inspected units, and relevant departments in the inspection work were made; the interpretation of the Measures The rights and implementation time are stipulated.


The name list of the inspection group

The leader is the secretary of the party committee of the university while the deputy leader is the deputy secretary and secretary of the disciplinary committee. The members are the director of the working office, the minister of the organization department, the deputy secretary of the discipline inspection committee (the director of the supervision department), and the director of the inspection office.