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President Guo Dongming Attended the 19th China International Education Conference and International Symposium on Sino-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools and Delivered a Keynote Speech

Nov 13, 2018 Liu Jianing

Recently, the 19th China International Education Annual Conference on International Cooperation in Running Schools was successfully held at the Beijing National Convention Center. Fang Jun, deputy director of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of the Ministry of Education, and Zhao Lingshan, vice president and general secretary of the China Education International Exchange Association, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. As a special guest, President Guo Dongming of our university made a keynote speech at the conference entitled “Innovation of Sino-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools under the background of ‘Double-Class Construction’ – Building a World-Class University with Distinctive Features”. President Assistant Luo Zhongxuan, and relevant from the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, and the head of the International Education College accompanied him to attend the meeting.


In his report, President Guo Dongming pointed out that the continuing internationalization of higher education is an inevitable trend, and running universities internationally is the only way for top universities. Under the background of “double first-class” construction, Chinese universities are seeking international transformation, and shifting from personnel to focusing on substantive cooperation. From the running resources to the deep convergence of the concept, the body turns to the faculty and the teachers and students as the main conscious choice. At present, it seems that outstanding students from top universities in developed countries come to China to conduct professional credits or degree study in the field of natural sciences, which does not match the “powerful country”. Therefore, colleges and universities need to develop internationalization that matches and adapts to “powerful countries” and strive to attract students from world-class universities to study in China. To this end, Dalian University of Technology is striving to improve the international university-running pattern and explore an international development path from concept, policy to practice. By setting up special scholarships and other forms, we will attract outstanding students from world-class universities to come here for long-term and short-term study, establish friendship with our students, enhance cultural exchanges between countries, deepen friendship, serve the needs of society, and adapt to the development of globalization. In the report, President Guo shared with the participants the experience and achievements of our university's international education, and introduced the “enhancement war” of our university to build an upgraded version of international education. It also introduced the “Friendship of the Same Window” of the elite universities in China and Japan. Ten major internationalization and upgrading key projects, and sharing and exchanges with the participants in the Q&A session. The construction of Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions is closely integrated with the development of disciplines, and efforts are made to change the management system and break the barriers of the system to promote internationalization and other aspects(Based on the geographic center of Northeast Asia, we will focus on deepening cooperation with Japan, build a higher education cooperation and exchange center within the region, expand the cooperation space between Europe and the United States, focus on cooperation with top universities, deepen substantive cooperation in teaching and research, and integrate into the depth of the “Belt and Road” to Major countries along the route are key nodes to further expand the influence of university education).

After that, President Guo Dongming and the leaders of the meeting have unveiled the third Sino-foreign cooperative education exhibition.

The China International Education Conference is supported by the Ministry of Education and other central ministries. The China Education International Exchange Association has hosted an annual Chinese and foreign education industry since 2000. It has been successfully held for 18 years. The theme of this year's annual conference is "Educational Modernization - Practice and Exploration", which consists of three parts: "China International Education Seminar", "Chinese and Foreign Schools Project Cooperation Fair" and "China International Education Exhibition". Participants discussions on how to promote the development of education modernization under the new situation, thus promoting the process of modernization of countries and even the world, and jointly exploring the development and cooperation of future education. In addition to the plenary session, this year's annual meeting is also closely related to the theme of the conference, holding more than 30 parallel seminars with different characteristics. In addition to conducting research on specific issues at all levels of education, extensive and in-depth exchanges have taken place on topics such as student mobility, Sino-foreign cooperative education, “One Belt and One Road”, education informatization, cultural creativity, and innovative education.