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Secretary Wang Hansong investigated the heating situation of Graduate Apartment

Nov 13, 2018 Du Yichen

November 5th is the first day of official heating in Dalian. On the afternoon of the same day, Wang Hansong, secretary of the party committee of DUT, accompanied by Song Dan, deputy head of the party committee, vice chairman of the party committee, and Xue Hui, vice-president of the party committee, investigated the heating situation of the graduate apartment, demanding that the students should be kept warm at all times.  

Secretary Wang Hansong first came to the Research Building, touching the radiator in the corridor and classroom to feel the heating temperature, and exchanged questions with the students. He pointed out that the Research Building is the main place to carry out postgraduate education and teaching so we should ensure teachers and students warm. Classes are taught in the warm environment.

Then they came to Beishan graduate students' dormitory A, B, and C districts. Secretary Wang Hansong asked about the warm conditions of the new dormitory. Compared with previous years, the temperature had been greatly improved and achieved a historic breakthrough, Secretary Wang Hansong affirmed the heating work and pointed out that the temperature of the bedroom in winter directly affects the quality of life of students. To ensure that the temperature of each student dormitory is up to standard, the room is warm and students hearts are warmed. Secretary Wang Hansong communicated with representatives of the heating company on the spot, hoping to go all out to make real efforts to solve the heating problem that has plagued graduate students for many years.

In the investigation, Secretary Wang Hansong emphasized that winter heating is related to everyones daily life. School work should be centered on teachers and students, and the satisfaction of teachers and students should be the goal of the work. It is necessary to strengthen the temperature detection and solve the problem of heating and heating in a timely manner to ensure that teachers and students are warm in winter.

DUT has upgraded the heating facilities in Beishan graduate students' dormitory A, B, and C. It replaced the radiators with problems in the two quarters of the dormitory, coordinates the developer to replace the outdoor pipe network, thickens the pipe diameter, and replaces the new one. The heat unit has greatly improved the heating effect of apartments this winter.