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The 9th Joint Committee of Excellence 9 Universities (E9) Held in Southeast University

Dec 4, 2018 Du Yichen

On December 23rd, President Guo Dongming led a team to participate in the Joint Summit of Excellence 9 Universities (E9) sponsored by Southeast University, and shared the wisdom and common cooperation between the Chinese and British higher education institutions in the new era. At the conference, Guo Dongming, President of DUT gave a speech themed “Facing New World to develop the first-class university”. Mr.Guo emphasized the relationship between feature and top, mission and duty, university and majors and university and teacher.


Zhang Jun, president of Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhang Zongyi, president of Chongqing University, Zhang Guangjun, president of Southeast University, Zhou Yu, president of Harbin Institute of Technology, Gao Song, president of South China University of Technology, Zhong Denghua, president of Tianjin University, Chen Jie, president of Tongji University, and Huang Wei, executive vice president of Northwestern Polytechnic University, And Ian Greer, President of Queen's University of Belfast, Mark Price, Vice President of the University of Birmingham, Robin Mason, Vice President of the University of Birmingham, Tim Bradshaw, CEO of Russell University Group, Director of the East China Region of the British Council for Cultural Education, and Ma Xuning, Cultural and Cultural Consul of the British Consulate General in Shanghai Representatives from UK universities such as Cambridge University, Leeds University, Liverpool University, and Warwick University attended the forum.


The Forum of Chinese and British University Presidents revolves around the "opportunities and challenges facing higher education in China and Britain in the era of globalization", "international exchanges and cooperation to help build world-class universities" and "new trends and new strategies to promote knowledge transfer and innovation in schools and enterprises". The topic will be discussed and exchanged. President Guo Dongming presided over the theme of “How International Exchange and Cooperation to Help the Development of World-Class Universities” and made a keynote speech entitled “The Foundation of Cooperation between Hou Zhi International ‘Friendship of the Same Window and Working Together to Build a World-Class University”.


Since the establishment of E9 in 2010, nine colleges and universities have taken turns to serve as the rotating presidency of the alliance every year. Regular joint meetings of principals have been held to focus on the cultivation of talents and to explore the rules and models of talent training. Undergraduate enrollment and joint training, international cooperation, resource sharing, industry-university-research cooperation, etc should be facilitated.