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Firm Self-confident, Courage to Take Responsibility, Improving the Ability to be a Good Leader in the Development of DUT

Dec 4, 2018 Shi Jinlu

On November 22nd, DUT held the special training courses "Don't forget the initial heart, remember the mission" for the cadres at the department level and successfully completed the various training tasks and the course. In the afternoon of the same day, there was a summary report on the completion of the training course in the conference room of the main building. Wang Hansong, Secretary of the Party Committee of DUT, attended the meeting and made requirements for cadres at the department level. Jiang Dexue, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of DUT and Principle of the Party School, presided over the meeting. Yang Bingjun, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Minister of the Organization Department, and the participants of the training class attended the meeting.


In order to thoroughly study and implement the internship in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and focus on strengthening the party' s ability to cultivate the middle-level cadres and adapt to the requirements of the new era of development, the Party Committee of DUT has made arrangements for the full correction of department-level cadres to carry out special training on “Don't forget the initial heart and keep in mind the mission”. In September and October of this year, the first and second training sessions visited the Memorial Hall of the Shanghai CCP General Assembly Site, the "Red Boat" of Jiaxing Nanhu and the Revolutionary Memorial Hall; they listened to the school building work at Shanghai Jiao tong University and Zhejiang University respectively about the special report on the comprehensive reform of universities and the construction of first-class universities; and the in-depth exchanges between the counterparts (units) of the two universities. During the study period, the participants of the training class took the study group as the unit and conducted in-depth discussions on party culture, responsibility, and school development, and carefully wrote the experience of learning.


At the meeting, representatives of 8 participants made a report. After listening to everyone's report, Secretary Wang Hansong said that everyone's report was closely integrated with the actual work, and it would be reasonable and eloquent. It would unite the consensus on promoting reform and development and express the common goal of building a first-class university. It has proved that this cadre training class has achieved practical results and was a demonstration education. It was believed that this cadre training would play a positive role in promoting the current shift of management focus and promoting the construction of first-class universities.


Secretary Wang Hansong emphasized that cadre education and training were the leading, basic and strategic project for the construction of cadres, and it was the basic path for the promotion of cadres. The Party Central Committee attached great importance to cadre education and training. The vast number of cadres were supposed to put education and training in the overall development of the party and state undertakings and the construction of first-class universities, and profoundly understand and grasp the great significance of cadre education and training in the new era. The party and the country's cause have entered a new era, and the construction of first-class universities has entered a new journey. The development of the cause required the cadres to continuously strengthen their studies, and it was necessary to enhance the political quality and professional skills in all aspects. It was hoped that the majority of cadres should focus on strengthening theoretical thinking, constantly improve the theoretical level, and achieve true learning and truthful use; focus on tempering party spirit, and conscientiously do the common ideal of communism and the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the believers and loyal practitioners. Besides, it was supposed to focus on improving leadership skills, understand development and politics, business and party affairs, understand both professional and management, in order to be a good staff, be a good planner, and be good Executor.


Secretary Wang Hansong stressed that to see the sages, it was necessary to face the problems, find the gaps, and firmly develop self-confidence. They must have a strong sense of urgency, profoundly recognize the shortcomings and gaps in our own existence, adhere to the problem-oriented, get rid of the mindset and path dependence, and truly solve the development problems. It was expected to fully affirm our strengths and strengths, strengthen our self-confidence, and transform the superiority of the spirit and culture, the unity and harmony, and the pragmatic performance into the dynamism of first-class university construction. It was necessary to focus on the key issue of reform, think deeply, strengthen seminars, give full play to the positive effects of learning, and continuously improve the quality of work.


Secretary Wang Hansong stressed that it was significant to play the role of "leading geese", be brave in taking responsibility, boost the spirit, and put every work into practice. Being at the level was the middle force of school reform and development. Whether it could be used or not, it would directly determine the progress and speed of the school's career development. Department-level cadres should fully recognize their responsibilities and effectively play the responsibilities, and they should be good at planning. Strengthening the top-level design was the duty of the Party Committee of DUT to improve its efforts, and it was the common responsibility of all. Everyone was a think tank for the construction of first-class universities. They were expected to be good at discovering the wisdom of problems, but also have the ability to solve development problems; they must dare to harden their bones. Everyone must have the image and temperament of the leadership, to express feelings, to talk about the spirit, to talk about the character, in the attitude of the party and the country. Moreover, much attention should be paid to the construction of the first-class university, to the teachers and students. They should have the willing and the ability to dare and to squat, for the sake of becoming a contributor to the development of the cause to digest the hard bones.


At the meeting, the representative of the student, Yu Haichen, Director of the Admissions and Employment Division, Chang Liang, Secretary of the Party Committee of School of physics, Liu Gang, Party Secretary of Faculty of Vehicle Engineering and Mechanics, Fan Xin, Dean of the China-Japan International Information and Software Institute, and Dean of the School of Life and Medicine, Panjin Campus Zhang Jianing, Dean of the School of Food and Environment, Lu Kai, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Zhang Chi, Minister of Faculty of Infrastructure Engineering, and Liu Zhijun, Director of the Academic Affairs Department, have conducted special reports on behalf of the eight groups. They talked about their firm beliefs and spirits, they also talked about learning and some problems. They have checked the pendulum and talk about future plans.