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Grasping the Big Opportunity with the Big Pattern, Positioning the Quasi-Strategy, Strengthening the Leadership of the Party in an All-round Way, Promoting the Faculty and Faith of Teachers

Dec 4, 2018 Shi Jinlu

On the afternoon of November 22nd, the Party Committee of DUT announced the appointment and dismissal of the party and government team of School of Architecture and Fine Art in the second hall. Wang Hansong, Secretary of the Party Committee of DUT, attended the meeting and made requirements for the development of the school. Yang Bingjun, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Minister of Organization Department, read the appointment and dismissal decision. All the teachers of School of Architecture and Fine Art attended the meeting. The new dean, Tang Jian, presided over the meeting.


The Party Committee of DUT have made the decision that, Chang Liang was appointed as the Party Secretary of School of Architecture and Fine Art, Tang Jian was appointed as the Dean, Cai Jun and Yu Hui were appointed as the Vice Deans. As for the deposition, Wang Shiyuan was removed from the Party Secretary of School of Architecture and Fine Art, and Chang Liang was removed from the Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Physics. Fan Yue was removed from the Dean of School of Architecture and Fine Art, and Wang Shiyuan and Zhang Xianfeng were removed from the Deputy Dean of School of Architecture and Fine Art.


Secretary Wang Hansong said at the meeting that in recent years, the school has achieved good results in adhering to the fundamental tasks of the cultivating people, building a high-level faculty, serving the country's major needs, discipline construction, and party building. The school party committee fully affirmed its achievements. These achievements were obtained with the cooperation of the team work. The Party Committee of DUT fully affirmed the work of the previous team and thanked the teachers for their great contributions to the development of the school and the college.


Secretary Wang Hansong stressed that the college should grasp the big opportunities in the big picture and put the strategic direction of the development of the quasi-school. It was necessary to firmly grasp the career opportunities established by the National Education Conference to build a strong education country, firmly grasp the environmental opportunities to revitalize the northeastern glory and accelerate the revitalization of the Northeast, and firmly grasp the development opportunities for comprehensively deepening reforms and revitalizing the vitality of grassroots education. They must improve their ability to grasp opportunities, always keep their heads clear, clearly recognize the bottlenecks of their own development, and enhance the school-running pattern in the general trend of development.


Secretary Wang also stressed that it was necessary to strengthen the party' s overall leadership of the college and to take responsibility and act in the development of the new era. It was necessary to focus on the construction of the organizational system, and clearly strengthen the leadership of the party of the college; focus on the “four projects” of the professional talent team, and clearly strengthen the construction of the college team; focus on the cultivating people, and clearly improve the quality of personnel training; make the goal of the clear-cut planning and development; focus on strengthening the cultural construction of the college, and create a clear-cut environment with a clear-cut banner.


School of Architecture and Fine Art has produced a commemorative card for the members of the previous team who no longer hold leadership positions. Secretary Wang presented commemorative cards for Fan Yue, Wang Shiyuan and Zhang Xianfeng, thanking them for their contributions to the development of the school and the college.


Fan Yue, former dean of School of Architecture and Fine Art said that he firmly supported the decision of the Party Committee of DUT. As an ordinary teacher, he would continue to support the construction of the college, support the new team work, and work together for the bright future of the college. Chang Liang and Tang Jian, speaking on behalf of the new team, expressed their firm support for the decision of the Party Committee of DUT. With the unity team together, they would implement the National Education Conference, the National College Ideological and Political Committee, and General Secretary Xi Jinping on the important work of education, unite the strength of teachers and students, promote the scientific development of the college, and contribute to the construction of the first-class university.