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The Fourth Meeting of the First Standing Council (Expansion) of the Alumni Association was Held in Ningbo

Dec 17, 2018 Liu Jianing

On the afternoon of December 8, the fourth meeting of the first standing council (expansion) of the Dalian University of Technology Alumni Association was held in Ningbo. Secretary Wang Hansong and President Guo Dongming attended the conference and delivered the speech. Under the witness of the guests and alumni representatives, the 2nd Alumni Technology Entrepreneurship Competition and the activities of celebrating the 70th anniversary for DUT was held. Party committee member and vice president Song Yongchen, Party Committee member and vice president Bi Mingshu, Party Committee member and vice president Yao Shan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Jian Xigao, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Peng Xiaojun, academician of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, alumni Sun Wei and the heads of alumni associations around the world attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Yang Kexu, Director of the Alumni Work Department.

In his speech, Wang Hansong welcomed the alumni representatives on behalf of the university and expressed his gratitude to the Eastern-Zhejiang Alumni Association for the preparation of the meeting. He also expressed his gratitude to the alumni representatives for their care and support for the development of the university for many years. Mr. Wang looked back the work since the establishment of the Alumni Association and pointed out that alumni were important treasures in the development of our university and alumni association was an important carrier for alumni friendship. The 70-year development of the university couldn’t do without the contributions of the alumni. Wang Hansong looked back our fine tradition of devoting ourselves into the party construction and said that we would adhere to setting up the morality and cultivating talents, further improving the quality of personnel training, strengthening the construction of disciplines, and enhancing the ability to serve the country's major needs.

Wang Hansong conveyed the concern of the party and the state to DUT to the alumni representatives. He said that we would focus on the key issues such as the reform of the mechanism in the context of the in-depth revitalization of the Northeast, bearing in mind our responsibility, and constantly improving the school quality. Wang Hansong hoped that the alumni would regard the university as their own home, continue to care for and support the development of DUT, and we welcome the alumni to return here to celebrate its 70th anniversary.

President Guo Dongming affirmed the collaborative innovation model that the alumni associations around the country took the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” alliance as the starting point, and took the global alumni “9+1” regional alliances to revitalize school resources, alumni resources, and government resources. He expressed his congratulation to the alumni for their achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship. Guo Dongming introduced the achievements of the university in terms of personnel training, discipline construction, team building, and scientific research in recent years. He said that in the favorable situation of the ministry, the province and the city, we would hold the concept of talent cultivation, strengthen the strategy of improving the university by talents and further strengthen the construction of new engineering disciplines. Guo Dongming focused on our internationalization ideas and actions and hoped that alumni would introduce more talents to DUT, playing an important role in the construction of first-rate universities and jointly enhancing the academic influence and social reputation of Dalian University of Technology.

President Guo Dongming hoped that alumni from all over the world would actively participate in the science and technology competition, provide advice and suggestions for the development of DUT, help DUT to establish good relations with society, and contribute to the development of DUT. At the same time, he encouraged alumni associations around the world to celebrate the 70th anniversary according to local conditions.

During the meeting, Yang Kexu introduced the overall plan of the 70th anniversary of the university and explained the relevant work plan of the alumni association. The alumni representatives thanked DUT for its cultivation and expressed that they would hold the fine traditions of DUT in their own posts, fulfill their missions, and make contributions in the great journey of national construction in new era.