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Creating a new situation in the work of united front and seeking a new chapter in the development

Dec 25, 2018 Shi Jinlu

On December 5th, the School Party Committee held a meeting of the Standing Committee to listen to the report on the current situation of the united front of DUT and study the next phase of work. Wang Hansong, Secretary of the School Party Committee, presided over the meeting.


Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, DUT has thoroughly studied and implemented the important speeches of General Secretary Xi’ s series of speeches, especially the important speeches at the Central United Front Work Conference, on establishing a sound working system, improving the institutional mechanism, actively built a platform, and intensified training. To complete a series of solid and fruitful work, the democratic parties of DUT and united front groups have strengthened their road recognition, theoretical identity and emotional identity to socialism with Chinese characteristics. The non-party intellectuals of DUT were participating in politics, advocating ideas, teaching and educating people, and technological innovation. The enthusiasm and initiative of the other aspects have been fully exerted, creating a new situation of “drawing the greatest concentric circle and finding the greatest common denominator”.

On behalf of the School Party Committee, Secretary Wang Hansong made a request for further work on the united front. It was emphasized that attaching great importance to and conscientiously doing a good job in united front work is a realistic requirement for the study and implementation of the central spirit and the accurate grasp of the overall situation. It was also a concrete manifestation of firmly establishing the "four consciousnesses" and adhering to the "two maintenance." The work of united front was the magic weapon for the party to win the victory of the revolution, the country’s construction and the cause of reform. The development of the whole school must adhere to the party’s leadership, but also fully unite and mobilize the forces of all parties, gather together and seek common development.


Secretary Wang also made requirements on all levels of leaders, all units and departments to conscientiously study and master the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi on the united front work since the 18th National Party Congress and the innovative theories, guidelines and policies of the party in the work of united front, and take the requirements of the central government as carrying out the starting point and foothold of the united front work, advance with the times, and seek innovation.


Secretary Wang pointed out that the current school was implementing the spirit of the National Education Conference and the National Ideological and Political Work Conference, adhering to the fundamental tasks of the cultivating people and accelerating the construction of a first-class university. The united front work must also revolve around this center, starting from the overall situation of career development. He said that they would maximize the active forces of all parties and seek a new chapter in the development of DUT.


Secretary Wang said that it was necessary to vigorously support the grassroots organizations of the democratic parties to strengthen their own construction, coordinate and promote all kinds of work, and constantly create a new situation in the united front work, through guiding and supporting the democratic parties to strengthen the construction of grassroots organizations, combining their respective characteristics, exploring activities with diverse contents and various forms, enhancing organizational vitality, striving to strengthen the work of building foreign party members, and training non-party cadres to implement the "four projects" . Therefore, the selection of a certain proportion of politically strong, business-oriented, training prospects and leadership would be in the party to the cadre team.


The meeting reviewed and approved the two system documents of the "Development Opinions of the Committee of the Dalian University of Technology on Strengthening the United Front Work of the Second Party Organization" and "Administrative Measures on the Use of Funds for United Front Work of Dalian University of Technology".