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The Appointment and Dismissal for the Leader Group of the School of Physics Announced

Jan 8, 2019 Liu Jianing

On the morning of December 25th, the party committee of our university announced the appointment and dismissal of leader group of the School of Physics. Secretary Wang Hansong attended the meeting and provided orders for the development of their school. Yang Bingjun, member of the Standing Committee of the School Party Committee and Minister of Organization Department, read the appointment and dismissal decision. All the teachers from the school of physics attended the meeting, which was hosted by Dean Zhao Jijun.

According to the final decision, Wang Zhengxiong was appointed as the party secretary of the School of Physics while Yu Changshui and Gao Fei as the vice presidents. At the same time, Wang Zhengxiong would be dismissed from the vice president of the school.

Secretary Wang pointed out that the party committee of our university fully affirmed the achievements of the School of Physics in recent years in adhering to the fundamental tasks of educating talents, building high-level disciplines, serving the country's major needs, building high-level faculty, and strengthening party building. He also expressed his appreciation for the cooperation and work style, and expressed gratitude to the teachers and students for their great contribution to the development of the university.

Secretary Wang requested that the school should grasp the development direction of career in carrying out the political mission of comprehensively strengthening the party's leadership. With the goal of building a world-class university with distinctive characteristics, we must implement the fundamental tasks of educating talents, and focus on cultivating the socialist builders and successors of all aspects. We must take the overall deepening of reform as the driving force and promote the management focus, revitalize the vitality of grassroots education; take the overall strengthening of party leadership and ideological and political construction as the fundamental guarantee, uphold the party's overall leadership over the work, and carry out ideological and political work throughout the entire process of education and teaching.

At the symposium, Secretary Wang Hansong asked the members of the school leader group to unite together to promote its development. It is emphasized that it is necessary to take educating talents as the foundation and promote the comprehensive reform, to strengthen the overall leadership of the party and to inspire the innovation and entrepreneurship of the teachers and students, to focus on key issues, to start the system and mechanism, and to focus on Implementation, and promote the shift of management focus.

On behalf of the leader group, Wang Zhengxiong and Zhao Jijun expressed their firm support for the decision to implement the spirit of National Education Conference, the National College Ideological and Political Work Conference and the general secretary Xi Jinping's important work on education. They promised to unite teachers and students together to promote the scientific development of the school, and contribute to the construction of the first-class university.