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Secretary Wang Hansong Talked with the Leader Group of School of Architecture and Fine Art

Jan 8, 2019 Liu Jianing

On the morning of December 21, Wang Hansong, secretary of the Party Committee of DUT, came to School of Architecture and Fine Art to talk with the new leader group to learn the situation of their work, make demands on the construction of the group, and make general requirements on the discipline evaluation work. Yang Bingjun, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and minister of Organization Department of DUT, accompanied the talk.

Tang Jian, dean of the School of Architecture and Fine Art, reported on their general situation, team building, discipline construction, students' innovation and internationalization, and conducted in-depth analysis of the existing problems. Chang Liang, secretary of the Party Committee of the school, reported on the development of the Party building work and said they would rely on the members of the group, Party and government organizations, and Party members of teachers and students to overcome difficulties and comprehensively strengthen the Party building in the school. Other group members reported on the work they were charged with.

After listening to the report, Wang Hansong fully affirmed the ideas and goals of the new group. He said that the key to the school development is to have a good leading group. Since the members of the group are the leaders of the school development, they should communicate frequently, conduct conversations and unify their thoughts. The members of the group should focus on the development of the school, define their goals, make good plan, and focus on key issues and the mechanism system. They should also enrich the work connotation and unite the teachers and students, so as to constantly create a new situation in the work of the school.

Wang Hansong pointed out that it is necessary to further strengthen the discipline construction of the school. On the basis of consolidating the existing dominant disciplines, we must make great efforts to cultivate new dominant disciplines, scientifically analyze the advantages and disadvantages in discipline construction, and identify the gaps. We should let the sense of responsibility and mission motivate all teachers and students, deploy and prepare in advance in the spirit of time and unwillingness, and strive to achieve excellent results in the new round of disciplinary assessment.

Wang Hansong stressed that it is necessary to further improve the political position. In view of the fact that there are few party members in the school, it is necessary to carry out targeted work and strengthen the curriculum and ideological and political thinking. We should take educating talents as an opportunity to promote the all-round development of students' moral, intellectual, and artistic work; It is necessary to attach great importance to ideological work, prevent pan-ideology and de-ideology; strengthen the discipline inspection and supervision work with specific measures, take the "ten criteria" of school teachers' professional behavior as the starting point, and earnestly do a good job in teachers' ideological and political education.