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Agreement-Signing and Launching Ceremony of a Science-Branded Journal Was Held in Beijing, with DUT Professor Xiao Guishan as Editor-in-Chief

Jan 31, 2019 李明智

An agreement-signing and launching ceremony of the Science-branded journal Science PJ Metabolism Discoverywas held in Beijing on 28 January, 2019. Guided by President Xi Jinping’s idea of building China into a powerful country in science and technology, the journal was founded in an effort to promote the innovative studies in fundamental scientific research and clinical research in China and to encourage the country to play a leading role in a number of key technological areas.

Professor Xiao Guishan from Dalian University of Technology has been named as Editor-in-Chief of the journal. Speakers invited to give remarks at the ceremony included Mr. Bill Moran, the Global Director of International Collaboration, Operation and Publishing for Science/AAAS and Science Careers, Mr. Wang De, Director of Editorial Office of Chinese Medical Doctor Association(CMDA),Professor Tian Yantao, member of Sub-Committee on Cancer Metabolism and Therapy of Clinical Precision Medicine Committee of CMDA, Professor Peng Xiaojun, academician of Chinese Academy of Science from Dalian University of Technology, and Professor Guo Xinwen from Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology. More than 200 participants from home and abroad attended the ceremony, including directors from Science/AAAS responsible for international collaboration and operations in Asia as well as experts and scholars from a variety of Chinese institutes and universities, such as Institute of Cancer Research of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Naikai University, Xiamen University, China Medical University, etc.

As a Science-branded journal,Science PJ Metabolism Discoveryis jointly founded by American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA), with University of California, Los Angeles and Dalian University of Technology (DUT) as collaborative universities in charge of the editing and publishing operations. The editorial office of the journal in China is based in Dalian University of Technology, responsible for the general publishing and managing operations. DUT’s primary role in running a top academic journal in the world will not only effectively encourage the university’s studies in pharmacology and toxicology to rank among Top 100 in ESI discipline assessment, but also contribute to the improvement of DUT’s international academic influence.

On behalf CMDA, Mr. Wang De congratulated on the official agreement-signing and launching of the journal, hoping that this event could be taken as an opportunity to further encourage China’s academic exchanges with all Science and Science-branded journals and promote the development of medical research in the country.

Professor Peng Xiaojun pointed out in his speech that for Dalian University of Technology, it should be not only an honor to be chosen as the base of a Science-branded journal in China, but also a responsibility, and as a result, the university would make unremitting efforts in perfecting the editorial and publishing operations of the journal and thereby contribute DUT’s part to the improvement of people’s health all over the world.

Mr. Bill Moran, speaking on behalf of AAAS, believed that the founding of a Science-branded journal in China marked a significant achievement of the scientific and academic exchange and cooperation between China and the United States. He spoke highly of Professor Xiao Guishan’s academic accomplishments, and hoped that the journal could be made a great success with the joint efforts of all the experts and scholars involved.

After extending his sincere thanks to AAAS and CMDA for their full support, Professor Xiao Guishan as Editor-in-Chief recalled in his speech how DUT was chosen as the base of the journal in China and elaborated how Science PJ Metabolism Discovery would be operated in details. He emphasized that all the Chinese experts and scholars in the field of cancer research and treatment would be welcomed to jointly devote themselves to the studies in anti-cancer drug resistance in the hope of helping human beings live a better life by obtaining a greater sense of security and gain.

As the representatives of CMDA and AAAS respectively, Mr. Wang De and Mr. Bill Moran signaled on the cooperation agreement and exchanged gifts, which signaled the official global launching and publication of the journal. In the first two years Science PJ Metabolism Discoverywill be published quarterly, and from the third year on, it will turn into a monthly journal. The issues covered would be on the major theoretical breakthroughs in the contributions of metabolic research to the prevention and treatment of major diseases, and significant practical breakthroughs in clinical application technology and original technology in precaution and diagnosis mechanism in the area of precision medicine.

The agreement-signing and launching ceremony will be aired on CCTV International (CCTV4) soon.


About Professor Xiao Guishan

Professor Xiao Guishan is currently the academic scientific director of School of Pharmacy, Dalian University of Technology and a tenured professor in School of Medicine at Creighton University (CU). His research focus mainly involves pharmacology of molecular diagnostic drugs for malignant tumors, natural small molecular drugs, and non-coding RNA (such as miRNA) biopharmaceuticals.

As the leading scientist in Pharmacy in DUT, Professor Xiao published more than 133 SCI/EI highly cited research papers, obtained 2 US invention patents and 6 Chinese invention patents, and was awarded a great many of research grants, including 5 NIH/NCI RO1/R21/R03/P50 research grants (US) as PI and Co-PIs, 1 Hirshberg innovative grant, 8 NE/NASA/US Industrial grants, 3 NSFC scientific grants, and 1 Chinese Precision Med program grant. He is also the principal investigator of 2 key research programs from Chinese NSFC (precision medicine for pancreatic/breast cancers) and 1 Sino-American joint research key program.