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Principal Guo Dongming Paid His Research on Faculty of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering

Mar 19, 2019 Liu Jianing

Recently, Principal Guo Dongming paid his research on Faculty of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering. Accompanied him in the conference were relevant in charge from Office of Talents, Office of Personnel Affairs, Office of Disciplinary Construction and Institute of Science and Technology, and the leader group of Faculty of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering.

During the meeting, Principal Guo listened to the report of Dean Yin Baocai, which gave a basic introduction on the faculty, disciplinary construction, scientific research, student work and the import of talents. Mr. Yin also explained the goal direction and management on the reform pilot program of shifting down the management focus.

After listening to the report, Principal Guo made his inquiry on the problem and the support that the faculty need in this program and extended great appreciation on the achievement that they have reached on scientific research, education and talents in recent years. Principal Guo pointed out that faculties and schools are the place where the university lies its main body of education in, which could be the basic guarantee for the sustainable development of the university if they have clear development orientation and thinking. Faculty of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, as is regarded as the center and core of the development of relevant subjects, should always carry the burden of it. The leader group of the faculty should uplift their starting point, cooperate together, focus on the strategic need of the nation and international frontier, so as to promote a sustainable development.

Besides, Principal Guo Dongming made further conversation and discussion on artificial intelligence discipline construction, interdisciplinary development opportunities, undergraduate teaching with the participants.