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Principal Guo Dongming Met With the Leadership of a Certain Department of the Navy

Mar 19, 2019 Shi Jinlu



On the morning of January 30, Song Conghao, the commander of the PLA Navy stationed in Dalian, and Sun ao, Li Hongwei, Deputy Commander of the PLA Navy visited DUT to send New Year greetings to all the teachers and students. Principal Guo Dongming and Vice Principal Yao Shan met with Song and his delegation in the meeting room 412 of the main building. The leading comrades from the School Office, the Institute of Science and T The debriefing conference on second-level party secretary's emphasis on CPC basic organization of 2018 was held on the morning of February 28th in Main Building, so as to implement Xi Jinping's New Era of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and the spirit of the 19th session of national congress of the communist party of China, to be politically responsible for governing the party, and to put forward the in-depth development of strictly ruling the party in the new era. Attending the meeting were Liu Guiqin, the director of Department of Social Sciences of Ministry of Education, Li Qingcai, the deputy secretary of Liaoning Provincial Education Committee, deputy director of Department of Education of Liaoning Province, and party member of the department, and Li Hongjun, the director of the Office of Organization of Liaoning Provincial Education Committee. The conference was held by Secretary Wang Hansong. Accompanied them were leader group pf the university, relevant in charge and representatives.

Director Liu Guiqin extended high appreciation on out work on party's basic organization and pointed out that we have closely followed the three aspects of comprehensively strengthening the party's political construction, comprehensively improving grassroots organizational strength, and comprehensively promoting grassroots party organizations and party members, so as to play a role in grassroots party building. Our work has innovation, distinctive features, and bright spots, and have formed the conscious of deep development, the strengthening of the party's innovative theory, the promotion of key tasks, and the provision of career development, especially the guarantee of educating talents, to reach remarkable results. It is hoped that the grassroots party organizations of the university will further enhance the basic organizational strength in an all-round way, especially to strengthen political construction, navigate with the "four consciousnesses", use the "four self-confidences" to strengthen the foundation, and use the "two maintenance" to cast souls, so that they can better understand the theory of innovation, and resolutely implement the important exposition of the internship of General Secretary Jin Ping on education and the decision-making arrangements of the Central Party Committee, and do a solid and comprehensive work on the party.

Secretary Wang Hansong made demands on further strengthening the work on party's basic organization, and would take political construction as the foundation, strengthen political guidance and value leadership, and promote teachers and students to strengthen the "Four Senses", enhance "Four Self-confidence", and achieve "Two "Maintenance". We should be problem-oriented, to further comprehensively benchmark against the standards, and to continuously improve the quality of grassroots party building work; we should lead the scientific development with high-quality party organization, and improve the education in an aggressive manner. The second-level party organizations should play a good role in leading the direction, tackling difficulties, preventing and controlling risks, and steadily advancing; they must adhere to the principle of discipline, strive to promote the party in strict accordance with the principle, and effectively shouldering the responsibility of the work of basic party organization.

During the meeting, party secretaries from schools, faculties and organizations of our university gave their debriefing reports on the work of basic party organization, concluded the achievements and experiences, analyzed the protrude problem and raised improvement and solution on the present work.

Secretary Wang Hansong commented on the party organization work and pointed out the critical problems and future direction. The leader group gave their comments as well.

echnology, the Institute of Technology Research and Development, the National Defense (advanced) Research Institute for Science and Technology Development, the Library and Faculty of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering attended the meeting.

Principal Guo welcomed Song and his delegation and congratulated on the achievements made by a department of the PLA Navy in the past year. It was pointed out that DUT and some units of the PLA Navy stationed in Dalian had many scientific research points in common. Guo introduced a series of measures taken by DUT to attach great importance to civil-military integration and national defense research, and put forward the key points of bilateral scientific research cooperation in the next step. He said that he would like to express his gratitude to the army for its support to DUT, and hoped that the two sides would continue to maintain close cooperation. On behalf of DUT, he wished all the officers and soldiers a happy New Year, a good body and a happy family.

On behalf of the troops, Song paid a New Year call to all the teachers and students of DUT and thanked the university for its support and help to the troops. Reviewing the gratifying achievements of military scientific research in the past year, he said that the achievements could not be achieved without the support of DUT. It was hoped that in the New Year, the both sides would continue to strengthen cooperation, promote civil-military integration and realize common development in the service of the country's major strategic needs.