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Sun Juan, Deputy Dean of the Shanghai Branch of the China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, visited DUT

Mar 22, 2019 Shi Jinlu

On the afternoon of March 7, Sun Juan, Deputy Dean of the Shanghai Branch of the China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, and her team visited DUT to conduct a discussion on strengthening the deep integration of Dalian and DUT to achieve mutual benefit and win-win strategy. The symposium was held in the 412 conference room of the main building. School Party Secretary Wang Hansong, Principal Guo Dongming attended the symposium, accompanied by the school office, the Office of Development Planning and Comprehensive Reform, the Disciplinary Construction Office, the Campus Planning and Management Office, Faculty of Management and Economics, School of Architecture and Fine Art, and the Institute of Science and Technology.


Wang Hansong expressed his welcome to the arrival of Sun Juan and her team. He pointed out that DUT was located in Dalian and should thrive with city’s development. As a national key university developed in Dalian and in order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit to Liaoning and in the in-depth promotion of the Northeast Revitalization Symposium and promote the high-quality development of Dalian, serve Dalian's development and the people of Dalian is the bounden responsibility and mission of DUT. DUT should cooperate with Dalian City in the process of building a top-ranking university with Chinese characteristics to achieve the common development.


Guo Dongming pointed out that DUT was the most advanced part of the city's culture and was a source of power for the city's development. DUT and Dalian were in harmony, and the innovation and development of DUT would inevitably be linked with the society and industry of Dalian and form a close interaction. In the developing process of the past 70 years, DUT has always adhered to the concept of serving the country's major needs and serving the development of the society. To contribute to the country, we must first lay a foothold as well as serve and contribute to Dalian, so that playing an important role in the high-quality development of Dalian. It was hoped that Dalian government would fully consider the integration and development of large-scale workers in the process of planning urban development, and form a joint effort to accelerate the construction of the "two pre-zones" and accelerate the construction of world-class universities.


Sun Juan said that Dalian had superior basic conditions. In the new round of economic development around the Bohai Sea, Dalian's innovation and development cannot be separated from the support of DUT. In Dalian's urban development planning, it should pay attention to giving full play to double-class universities. In the role of gathering high-end talents and cultivating cutting-edge achievements, while supporting the construction of dual-class universities, it had truly made dual-class universities an important source of industrial innovation and provided stronger stamina for Dalian's high-quality development.


At the symposium, Yao Huacheng, Director of the School Development Planning and Comprehensive Reform Office, introduced the basic situation of the school. After the meeting, Sun Juan and her team accompanied by the relevant person in charge of the school visited the campus.