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Being Pioneer in the Struggle to Break Through

Mar 27, 2019 Shi Jinlu

School Party Secretary Wang Hansong went to Faculty of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering to shift the center point of management


On the afternoon of March 21, Wang Hansong, Secretary of the Party Committee of DUT, Bi Mingshu, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice Principal of DUT, came to Faculty of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering to discusshand over and promote the work of reform. The person in charge of the relevant functional department attended the meeting.


Yin Baocai, Minister of Faculty of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, reported on the reform plan from four aspects: academic situation, discipline construction, scientific research work and student work. The reform ideas, specific measures, actual needs and development goals were introduced in detail. The responsible persons of each department replied one by one and made comments and gave suggestions.


Wang said that the reform of Faculty of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering was clear, specific, and met the needs of the faculty. Then he expressed his expectations to the faculty about solving problems and accelerating development in the reform. It was hoped that the faculty would firmly grasp the development opportunities, follow the general trend of development, and strive to be the forerunner of reform in the process of breaking through.


Wang Hansong stressed that reform must have a "taste of reform." The faculty and functional departments should cooperate with each other to continue to study in depth the key points and paths for promoting the high-quality development of the faculty and further improve the reform plan. It was necessary to highlight the orientation of “people cultivation”“four services” and “intrinsic needs of the development of school undertakings” to help the construction of first-class universities. He said that they must focus on highlighting problems, start with institutional mechanisms, vigorously break down reform and development problems and institutional obstacles, and improve effective mechanisms that were conducive to high-quality development. It was believed that innovation would encourage incentives for developmental vitality and promote the sustained and rapid development of the faculty. It was necessary to scientifically predict the risk of reform, correctly handle the relationship between deepening reform and preventing risks, improve the ability for preventing, resolving, and controlling reform risks, and achieving steady progress in reform of DUT.


Bi Mingshu demanded that all units should conscientiously study and understand the spirit of the speech of Secretary Wang, further emancipate the mind, continue to explore and innovate, be brave in tackling difficulties to reinvigorate the reform, and complete the reform task.