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Paying Attention to the Construction of Work Style Loosening the Burden at the Grassroots Level Inspiring Cadres to Advocate Hard Work

Mar 27, 2019 Shi Jinlu

A Party Committee theoretical study center group (expanded) meeting to convey the "Notice on Resolving the Outstanding Issues of Formalism as the Grassroots Burden"


On the afternoon of March 13, there was a party committee theoretical (expansion) study meeting in the second lecture hall of the main building to convey the "Notice on Resolving the Outstanding Issues of Formalism as the Grassroots Burden" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"). Wang Hansong, Secretary of the Party Committee of DUT, presided over the meeting and put forward requirements for studying and implementing the work; Song Dan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Principal, conveyed the main contents of the Notice. Main members of the School Party Committee Theory Learning Center, responsible persons of various functional departments and directly affiliated units, secretary of each second-level party organization, and ministers (deans) of various academic departments (colleges) attended the meeting.


Wang Hansong pointed out that the central government issued the "Notice" and identified 2019 as "the grassroots year of burden reduction", which fully demonstrated the firm determination of the central government and comprehensively persevere in its work style, and has also established a burden reduction on the grassroots, encouraging the majority of cadres to act as a practical guide. The school office was required to study with relevant departments to further address the problem of solving formalism and to further lighten the burden at the grassroots level, create a good atmosphere of advocating hard work and acting as a guarantee, and provide guarantee for grassroots cadres and concentrate on implementation.


Song Dan said that he would focus on solving the outstanding problems of formalism and stimulating the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of grassroots cadres.