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Secretary Wang Hansong Met with Research Experts and Former Senior Employees of United Nations

Mar 28, 2019 Liu Jianing

In order to increase our educating ability of international talents, five research experts and former senior employees of United Nations had been invited to our university to attend speech activities. They were Mr. Zheng Qirong, Mr. Liu Zhixian, Mr. Wang Jiyuan, Mr. Jia Yinglie and Ms. Ruan Hongmei. On the morning of March 30th. Wang Hansong, the secretary of the party committee of our university, met them in Room 312 of the Main Building. He hoped that through this communication, the experts could teach us the experience of training international talents in order to further enhance our ability to serve national strategies, and promote the construction of first-class universities.

As the first formal university facing the industrial system which is settled by Communist Party of China at the eve of the founding of People's Republic of China in 1949, Dalian University of Technology has always kept the responsibility of strengthening the construction of the university to serve the development and strategy of our country. It is the strategic need of our country to educate more international talents, which can also be regarded as the need of the construction of the first-class university. We will take more responsibility in the work of educating high-level talents.

Zheng Qirong said that cultivating high-quality international talents has important strategic significance for China's participation in global governance. Colleges and universities have natural advantages in international talent training. Thanks to Dalian University of Technology for attaching importance to relevant work, he believed that the university will play an important role in international talent training and service international organizations.

Relevant in charge from Dean's Office, School of Foreign Languages and International Office participated in the meeting.

In the afternoon, five experts brought wonderful reports to teachers and students. Zheng Qirong expounded the importance and urgency of strengthening national personnel training. Liu Zhixian and Wang Jiyuan explained the essential qualities of international talents in combination with their work experience. Jia Lieying and Ruan Hongmei introduced the ideas and plans of Beijing Language and Culture University and Northwestern Polytechnical University in international talent training, and summarized and sorted out the experience and achievements of international university personnel training in domestic universities.