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A Strategic Cooperation Agreement Was Signed as the New Chapter of Work between Peng Cheng Laboratory and Dalian University of Technology

Apr 2, 2019 Liu Jianing

On the afternoon of March 22nd, the signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation agreement between Peng Cheng Laboratory and Dalian University of Technology was held in International Conference Center. Both sides would make comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in fields of information and artificial intelligence, focusing on personnel training, scientific research, and community service, in order to promote national construction on socio-economic informatization. Leaders of both sides attended the signing ceremony.

Principal Guo Dongming said that our university had always been upholding the idea of serving the country and attaching importance to the cooperation with important scientific research institutes and leading enterprises, which received significant achievement. In response to General Secretary Xi’s call to accelerate the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence, and obeying the strategic needs of the country, our strategic partnership with Peng Cheng Laboratory will be established to bring together the high-quality resources of both sides, aiming at the international scientific frontier and the country’s major needs, solving frontier scientific issues and major key technical issues, and jointly playing a greater role in implementing the country's innovation-driven development strategy and building an innovative country.

Mr. Gao Wen, member of China Engineering Academy and the Director of Peng Cheng Laboratory expressed his appreciation of the support of Peng Cheng Laboratory from Dalian University of Technology. The signing of the agreement remarked the starting point of the building platform, sharing resources together for mutual interest in order to reach the first class together. He hoped that further cooperation could be implemented in aspects such as personnel training, scientific cooperation, resource integration and progress sharing. Thus both sides could increase their ability of scientific innovation, serve the socio-economic development, and provide new kinetic energy for the high-quality development of China's economy together.

It is known that Peng Cheng Laboratory (Shenzhen Cyberspace Laboratory) is an institution approved by the provincial governmentand an important directive for the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and General Secretary Xi Jinping's work in Guangdong. It aims at a new round of innovation-driven development needs and builds a national experiment, building Guangdong into an innovative province, and promoting Shenzhen to take the lead in building a major deployment of the socialist modernization pioneer zone.

The laboratory is committed to serving the national and regional development strategies, and is co-constructed with a number of universities, research institutes, enterprises and other advantageous units to aggregate domestic high-quality innovation resources, build relevant major scientific infrastructure, and carry out interdisciplinary innovations. It would break through major core theoretical issues in the field of network information, safeguard national cyberspace security, promote the development of network information industry, and lead the future academic development direction.

The laboratory will explore the establishment of scientific research organizations that conform to the laws of scientific research in the era of the Great Science, and actively promote the creation of an international science and technology innovation center in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.