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Two Research from School of Software Technology, DUT were Presented at INFOCOM 2019

May 8, 2019 Du Yichen

The 38th INFOCOM was held in Paris, France on 29 April - 2 May, 2019. School of Software Technology had made the breakthrough towards the Internet of Things, publishing two research results: CoDoC: A Novel Attack for Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks through Denial of Charge and Minimizing Charging Delay for Directional Charging in Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks.

Meanwhile, the School of Software also held the overseas talent recruitment for the first time. After the event, it signed with nearly 10 university scientific research workers from the French National Research Institute, Rutgers University, Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, which brought vitality to the construction of a quality talent team in the software school.

Related Introduction

INFOCOM (IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications) is one of the three top-ranking conferences in the field of computer networks. It has a high impact and is an annual feast for top computer network scholars. This year, there were 1,464 submissions for the conference, but only 288 were admitted, with the acceptance rate of 19.7%.