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Commemorative Gala for the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of Dalian University of Technology

Jun 17, 2019 Liu Jianing

The past seventy years had not only witnessed our passion and achievements, but also had seen our efforts and influence on education. On the evening of June 16th, students, the teaching staff, and alumni gathered together to enjoy the splendid commemorative gala held in Central Stadium in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of Dalian University of Technology.

Over 900 participants, including teachers, students, and alumni, brought us various kinds of performance in styles like music, poems, paintings, singing and dancing, stage play, musical drama, and conversations, so as to display our course of struggle in different historical periods and our out-standing spiritual appearance in this new era. The gala was made up of three parts, "Memory: Keeping in Mind Where We started", "Remembrance: Reverting to Our Origin", and "Dream: Greeting to Our New Era". Sixteen programs were performed in sound and photoelectric integration of the stage effect. Taking the two main lines of emotion and story as clues, the performance dug deep into the tradition of Dalian University of Technology, recalled our arduous struggling experience, showed the style of the times and expressed the confidence and determination to build a world first-class university.

Various meaningful programs in the gala had shown our great intention of working together with the Party and our nation in this new era. DUT will always be in line with the Chinese Communist Party, resonate with the reform and development of our nation, and keep in mind our original starting point in our development in the new era.