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FPX Wins! The Big Boss behind the Scenes is a DUTer!

Dec 5, 2019 Liang Xiaoyue

On the evening of November 10th, the 2019 League of Legends World Championship kicked off in Paris, France. The two sides were the FPX team ( FunPlus Phoenix) under the command of FunPlus Interactive Entertainment Company and G2 team. After a fierce battle, FPX won the championship with a score of 3-0, becoming the fourth team in history to win the S-Match for the first time.

The boss who took the championship is Zhong Yingwu, an alumnus of Dalian University of Technology.

Zhong Yingwu was admitted to DUT and majored in Engineering for Thermal Energy and Power in 2002. After the establishment of the School of Software Technology in 2003, he transferred to the software engineering major and graduated in 2006. In 2007, he obtaineda master’s degree in computer science from Maharishi University. Funplus was founded in May 2010, which is currently one of the top 6 game developers on Facebook.

Zhong Yingwu is still impressed by a course he took in the first semester of his junior year, Computer Graphics Experiment. The teacher who taught this course returned from studying in France. She and her friends had run a game company overseas. In class, she occasionally mentioned these experiences and the games she had developed, which opened a new door for Zhong Yingwu. “The influence of teachers’ vision on students is immeasurable. It will inadvertently stimulate the potential of students. The higher the teachers’ vision, the better he/she will inspire the potential students.”

Nowadays, at the age of 34, Zhong Yingwu is at the helm of this global game company. Recalling his alma mater's time, he says: “I’m very grateful to the teachers who enlightened my initial interests and patterns”.