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Professor Xiao Yi's Research Group Developed a New Strategy Which Significantly Improves the Luminous Efficiency of Dyes

Jan 7, 2020 Shi Jinlu

SourceSchool of Chemical Engineering

The researcher group led by Professor Xiao Yi of the State Key Laboratory of Fine Chemicals ofDUT collaborated with the research group led by Professor Liu Xiaogang of Singapore University of Technology and Design, developing a new strategy to significantly improve the luminous efficiency of dyes. This new strategy provides a good guide for developing more excellent fluorescent dyes in the field of super-resolution imaging in the future. The result was published in J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2019, 141, 14491.


The effect of super-resolution imaging is dependent on the performance of fluorescent dyes, which requires extremely high luminous brightness and stability of the dyes. Currently, the fluorescent dyes suitable for super-resolution are still very scarce, so people are eager to propose a universal strategy and rationally design more super-resolution fluorescent dyes.The co-first authors include Ye Zhiwei, a Ph.D. student ofDUT,Yang Wei, an engineer from the State Key Laboratory of Fine Chemicals ofDUT, Dr. Wang Chao from Singapore University of Technology and Design, and Zheng Ying, a Ph.D.student of DUT. This work was strongly supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Dalian University of Technology.