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DUT Students Optimize the Route for Mask Distribution

May 22, 2020 

Source: School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

By Li Xiang


The online competition of the 2020 Huawei DevCloud Software Programming Competition came to an end on May 8th. DUT School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship organized students to participate in the competition, and guided students to care about the needs of the society, exploring the practical methods of municipal mask distribution during the epidemic. After intense competition, the contestants of DUT stood out among more than 2000 competitors achieving one First Prize and one Third Prize. In addition, DUT won the Best Potential Prize.


In this competition, the mask distribution information was inputting step by step. Finding the optimal solution is a Non-deterministic Polynomial-Hard problem. Therefore, Wang Renjian from School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship used the search algorithm to obtain the best delivery route. In order to improve solving speed, he established a series of rules to prune the cases which are not likely to be the optimal solution. Furthermore, it is necessary to select the better one between two paths with the same path length, and optimize for details such as “false collision” and continuous research, so as to obtain a more ideal distribution path in a shorter time.


The process and the outcomes of this competition is a good example of the demonstration of the university’s high quality of talent cultivation, as well as the achievements of innovative and entrepreneurial education.

Editor: Li Xiang