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Wang Feng: First Chinese Scientist Joined Physical Simulation Team of ITER Organization

Jun 15, 2020 

Source: School of Physics

By Wan Fang, Jing Jiayi

Wang Feng, an associate professor at the School of Physics of Dalian University of Technology (DUT), has officially joined Physical Simulation Team of ITER Organization after a competitive selection process and begun to work on the developing of the integrated modeling platform. It's reported that he is the first Chinese to join the team.



The ITER Project is currently the biggest international "big science" engineering project. DUT has established the partnership with ITER organization to conduct in-depth exchanges and cooperation in magnetic confinement fusion. To undertake the mission of platform building in this project will provide key technologies to the establishment of China Fusion Engineering Testing Reactor (CFETR), which is of great importance in solving energy crisis for mankind.

Wang Feng is a young scientist at the School of Physics, core member of the team led by Prof. Wang Zhengxiong, Chief Scientist of the National ITER Project, and has been working on the research of large-scale numerical simulation for nuclear fusion plasma. He was once engaged in program development research at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) for 4 years, and has made many contributions to the development of Tokamak numerical simulation software with independent intellectual property rights in China.

Editor: Li Xiang