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Leicester International Institute Convened the Professional Orientation Meeting for Freshmen

Nov 3, 2020 

Source:Leicester International Institute, Dalian University of Technology

By Gao Ya, Li Xiang

The Professional Orientation Meeting of Leicester International Institute, Dalian University of Technology (DLI) was held recently. There are three sessions of the meeting, which introduced the programmes of BSc Chemistry, BSc Mathematics, and BEng Mechanical. The meeting was presented by Prof. Tan Zhenquan, Deputy Dean of DLI, Prof. Yu Bo, Director of Basic Science of Mathematics, and Associate Prof. Zhou Yihui, Director of Chemical Engineering. More than 290 freshmen and counselors attended the meeting.

At the meeting of Chemistry, Prof. Tan introduced the professional development of the Institute, faculty resources, and the future prospects of the major. He hoped that the freshmen would cherish the quality resources and start a full and happy university life at DLI. Prof. Yu Bo introduced the development and application of the Mathematics major, and emphasized the important role of mathematics in the development of modern science, especially in interdisciplinary applications. During the introduction of Chemical Engineering, Associate Prof. Zhou Yihui gave a systematical introduction to freshmen from three perspectives, which are the concept, the historical changes, and talent cultivation and future of the major.

The holding of the Professional Orientation Meeting will give freshmen a more comprehensive understanding of the basic content and future prospects of their majors, which will help them to quickly understand the characteristics of their majors and clarify the direction of their own development.

Editor: Li Xiang