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Undergraduates of Electronic Information Engineering (English Intensified) attended International Workshop on Information and Communication Technology

Nov 6, 2020 

From: Faculty of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering

By Zang Siyu

The 17th China-Japan-South Korea International Workshop on Emerging Information and Communication Technology was successfully held online from November 2 to 3. The workshop is an annual meeting with an aim of strengthening exchanges on information and communication among students and teachers of Dalian University of Technology (DUT), Tohoku University (TU) and Yeungnam University (YU).


Prof. Wang Hongyu and Associate Prof. Gong Xiaofeng of School of Information and Communication Engineering (SICE) served as the co-chair of the workshop and the co-chair of the program committee respectively. Prof. Ito Akinori of TU, Prof. Kim Young-Tak of YU, and Associate Prof. Li Hui of SICE, DUT gave keynote speeches at the workshop. Undergraduate representatives of Classes 2022 and 2023 of Electronic Information Engineering (English Intensified) (EIE (EI)) attended the workshop and presented their research work on multiple cutting-edge subjects of information and communication, such as image processing system based on RISC-VISA, an UAV Navigation System Aided with Computer Vision, intelligent table tennis ball shooter, DOA estimation, simulation of image formation pipeline, pattern reconfigurable antenna based on Yagi antenna, ICA-Based convolutive blind source separation and its application to audio source separation, and cognitive radio. They had heated discussion with scholars from the three countries.

The event is an important move to the reform of the fusion of expertise and entrepreneurship in international module course of EIE (EI), aiming to deeply fuse real international workshop discussion practice with corresponding courses. Taking academic presentation at international conferences as an evaluation indicator and strengthening undergraduates' international communication skills in the field of electronic information through small bilingual teaching class and practical project guidance of several senior teachers are expanding their international horizons.

EIE (EI) is always committed to cultivating undergraduate talents with solid professional knowledge and wide international horizons in electronic information. In recent years, it has created course groups for EIE internationalization in order to keep enhancing their international communication skills in the field of EIE. In the future, it will continue to innovate the talent cultivation mode by enriching the international module setting and strengthening the bilingual teaching so as to build a platform for students to show on the global stage.

Editor: Li Xiang