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2019 DUT Annual Alumni Award Ceremony Was Successfully Held

Nov 30, 2020 

From: Alumni Office

 By Zhu Mulangma, Li Aoqiu

In the evening of November 29, 2020, the 2019 DUT (Dalian University of Technology) Annual Alumni Award Ceremony was held at the Concert Hall of the new Student Activity Center. Afterwards the ceremony proceeded with the DUT Forum with the theme of alumni's experience sharing.



    Winners were awarded in accordance with the significant contribution they made in their chosen field, among whom 8 alumni including Bu Aimin , Wang Hongtao, Liu Hanling, Liu Hongwei, Liu Jian, Yang Zhiguang, Li Yungui, and Zhangchi won the 2019 Alumni Achievement Award; Shi Ji and Wu Xueliang received the 2019 Alumni Contribution Award, while Sun Fang and Dong Changhai were recognized with the 2019 Alumni Service Award.

Bu Aimin


Wang Hongtao


Liu Hanling


Liu Hongwei


Liu Jian


Yang Zhiguang


Li Yungui


Zhang Chi


Shi Ji


Wu Xueliang


Sun Fang


Dong Changhai


The DUT alumni are located all over the world, including the elderly who are still working industriously in their old age, as well as young talents who are vigorous and enterprising. Although they work in different industries, they share one thing in common, which is the spirit of going all out in work and stand out in the field they've chosen. Their experience is continually inspiring the DUTers to shoulder their responsibilities of making contribution to the construction of first-class university as well as our country.

Photo: DUT News Center, Publicity Department

Editor: Li Xiang