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DUT Students Won a Gold Medal in the 6th China International College Students’ ‘Internet +’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Dec 2, 2020 

From: Academic Affairs Office

By Zang Siyu

The national finals of the 6th China International College Students’ ‘Internet +’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held from November 17 to 21. After college-level preliminary competitions, provincial semi-finals and national finals, the team "Sharp Knives---world-leading cutting tools for carbon fiber reinforced polymer" of the School of Mechanical Engineering (SME) won a gold medal, and the team "Smart Water Technology --- the only provider in China of smart water products and the whole chain solutions" won a bronze medal.


“Considering the need for high quality and efficient processing of carbon fiber reinforced polymer, the teachers in the research group further studied the polymer's cutting theories systemically and put forward new design of the knife structure.” said Zhao Meng, a doctoral student of SME and the head of the project "Sharp Knives --- world leading cutting tools for carbon fiber reinforced polymer". To realize the transformation of scientific research achievements, supervised by Wang Fuji and Jia Zhenyuan, and headed by Zhao Meng, the postgraduates and undergraduates who had participated in the program and the core research staff composed the students-teachers collaboration team "Sharp Knives". The team has been exploring the industrialization of world leading knife technology based on theoretical achievements. It was highly recognized by the judges of the competition in terms of its entrepreneurial ideas, the positioning, development and plan of its products, etc. And it also fully presented the practical and innovative spirit of DUTers.

Since the launch of the "Internet +" competition, DUT has attached great importance to it. A total of 1313 teams and 4520 students, teachers and alumni of multiple faculties and schools have taken part in the competition. Despite the impact of the epidemic, the university managed to organize online presentations, training and Q&A sessions. During the preparation of the provincial and national competitions, the university organized online teaching and seminars, invited experts to conduct one-on-one tutoring, and closely followed up the progress of the projects, ensuring the quality of the projects and the presentation of the teams.

It is reported that 6.31 million people from 4168 colleges in 117 countries and regions signed up for the competition, 453 from 1.47 million projects entered the national finals. The competition attracted students of world-famous universities, such as University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, King’s College London, Imperial College London, and Bauman Moscow State Technical University. More than half of the world's top 100 universities took part in it, which makes the quality and importance of the competition hit a record high. In the past six years since the first competition, it has attracted 15.78 million university students and 3.77 million teams, making it a stage for innovation and entrepreneurship of world’s university students and a platform for cultural exchanges between China and other countries.

Editor: Li Xiang