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"After Giving Rose to Others, Fragrance Remains with the Hands"-DLI Excellent Students' Notes Collection

Jan 12, 2021 

From Leicester International Institute

The collection of excellent study notes from Leicester International Institute (DLI) students has been carried out in an orderly manner, and the first batch of study notes have been bound and collected recently for the students of relevant majors to study. The notes were shared by 17 students from three grades majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry, with a total of 26 volumes.

Recently, Prof. Zhan Jingjing, the Dean of DLI, presented students who shared their study notes with specially customized notebooks as rewards. Prof. Zhan shared his experience of studying in the U.S. and his thoughts on the value of taking and sharing study notes. He spoke highly of the students' notes and encouraged them to take notes persistently and be introspective while practising and being steadfast and ambitious.

Under the initiative of Prof. Zhan, the activity aims to cultivate students' spirit and temperament of independent thinking, truth-seeking, innovation and win-win. With the active promotion and encouragement of student advisors of all grades in DLI, students enthusiastically participate in this activity. Even though DLIers could not return to campus due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic in spring semester 2020, 17 students shared the study notes of their major courses in different ways.

Moreover, they could share any versions they want, such as the original version, the photocopied version or the digital version. The original notes will be stored in their original form and will be mailed to the students when they need to retrieve them someday. The photocopied notes are based on the version provided by the student, and they will be stored with DLI logo on the covers. As for the digital version, the notes will be collected in the computers at the Resource Room.

The students who share their notes will fill in their names, grades, majors, course names, and feelings on cards in memory of this activity. They will also get notebooks customized by DLI as rewards. Study notes are a collection of all the ideas and understandings we have about what we have learned. They are the most colorful and warm records of the university life, and DLI uses each notebook to keep and share the beautiful four years of students.

Editor: Li Xiang