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DLI Held Online Meeting with UoL School of Chemistry

Dec 22, 2021 

From Leicester International Institute

A few days ago, the online exchange meeting between Leicester International Institute (DLI) and School of Chemistry of the University of Leicester (UoL) was successfully held via video link. Skyla Zhao and Yani Du, the Chinese program administrators of UoL, Rosie E. Horwood the president and student representatives of the UoL School of Chemistry Student’s Union attended the meeting. From the DLI side, Ya Gao, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Yuhui Wen, the executive president of the Student’s Union and all members of the Department of International Affairs (DIA) joined the meeting.

The two sides introduced the specific situation and scale of their own student organizations, and had in-depth discussions on Student organizations, programme modules, joint activities, and future cooperation. Besides, they are keen on establishing a stable and friendly relationship not only for the two sides but also for students who want to join in the activities and future cooperation. So the pen pal exchange activity was highly praised and received a unanimous response and warm welcome.

This meetingprovidedan opportunity for students from UoL and DLI to communicate with each other.At the end of the meeting, the two sides also held free discussions and exchanged different local conditions and customs between China and Britain, which widened the mutual understanding.

DLI and UoL will take this meeting as a starting point for further cooperative exchanges and the opportunity of implementing the "Schoolfellow Friendship" Initiative.

Editor: Li Xiang