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DLI Students Join in a Variety of Activities to Enjoy the Springtime

Mar 30, 2022 

From Leicester International Institute

As the weather warms up in March, DLI students actively join in a variety of outdoor and online activities to enjoy the springtime.

On the evening of March 20, the "Campus Outdoor Dancing Party" was held by the students of the Panjin campus art community, which attracted the participation of nearly 1000 staff and students on the first day.

If you are shy to follow the dancing music, to be a walking man may be a good choice. Every evening, if the weather is possible, DLI students and staff walk together around the square with dynamic music. It also attracts school leaders who live on the campus due to the pandemic.

The Fun Sports Competition was held on March 24 and attracted more than 400 students. The competition wasdivided into five parts, all of which required the players to work in cooperation. Students said that they are not only enjoyed the fun ofsports, but also exercised their cardiopulmonary function, improved their balance ability and enhanced their strength quality.

The purpose of the psychological service is to help students to relax from pressure and difficulties. In this activity, students can confide their worries by sending word documents to the official email of Sunshine Psychology Association of DLI. Students’ worries will be distributed anonymously to those who have signed up to help solve the problem, and the corresponding solution will be returned to the students.

DLI encourages students to focus on improving their English abilities. Students interested in the activity will read selected English news, pick up unfamiliar words or expressions, and then share and sing-in their results on the app.

DLI will organize a scientific innovation sharing session themed "together for a shared future", hoping that students who are interested but inexperienced will be inspired by scientific innovation, experimental research and competition.

Editor: Li Xiang