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DUT's "University Tree" Magnolia blooms at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom

From Leicester International Institute

In 2022, Leicester International Institute, Dalian University of Technology (DLI) has been established for five years. On April 6, the University of Leicester (UoL) in the United Kingdom held a celebration and planted the “University Tree” of DUT, magnolia, on the UoL campus as a friendship tree between the two universities. Professor Sarah Davies, Pro Vice-Chancellor of UoL, Head of School of Engineering, member of Board of Administration, Professor JingzhePan, Dean of DLI, UoL academic leaders, tutors and Heads of Administrative Department, as well as PhD students, DLI exchange students, and graduates who are studying at University of Oxford and Imperial College London participated in the event.

In March 2017, DUT and UoL signed a joint construction agreement, which is the start of the establishment of DLI. Under the cooperation and investment between the two universities during the five years, DLI has steadily developed with more than 1,000 students and more than 110 professors and tutors. UoL attaches great importance to the celebration of the fifth anniversary of cooperation with DUT as one of the series of activities for the centenary celebration of the UoL. The “University Tree” of DUT was selected as a friendship tree. The planting site was carefully selected on the lawn opposite the Fielding Johnson Building at UoL which is near the Astley Clarke Lecture Theatre, both of which are historically named after the founders of UoL.

At the ceremony, Pro Vice-Chancellor Sarah Davies reviewed the excellent results achieved by DLI in its first four-year. She is proud of the first batch of graduates with a graduation rate of 88%, of which 19% were admitted to Chinese outstanding universities, Tsinghua University and Peking University, for example, and 58% studied abroad (including 25 students in the top ten such as University of Oxford, Imperial College London). Sarah Davies said with great affection: "This beautiful magnolia tree symbolizes the friendship between the two universities, and will surely carry the dream of deepening cooperation and common development of us, may she thrive and flourish forever!" After that, she awarded the UoL school badge to each student at present.

"We are very happy to witness this exciting moment, DLI has given us a wonderful experience, where we are fortunate to be students of two world-renowned universities at the same time, receiving professional studies and humanities education with a blend of both countries, and truly feel the care and support for students of both universities.", Gao Yongyi, a graduate of DLI who is studying at the University of Oxford said. Teachers and students from both China and the UK wish the two universities a long-lasting friendship, like the “DUT Magnolia Friendship Tree”, which roots in the fertile soil of cooperation, grows strongly together and blossoms into a win-win flower.

Editor:Li Xiang