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No Sport, No Youth!

As the spring fades away and the summer arrives, May comes to our campus in an unhurried way. The sunshine of May is not as strong as that of the midsummer, but perfectly warm; the wind of May is not as biting cold as that of the early spring, but refreshing cool. As May of such a good weather is a nice time for sports, DUT promotes a series of physical activities, some of which are as follow.

Accompanied by the dynamic music featuring youth, the night dance starts in the campus. The exercising dance is of less demand and more participants than other kinds of activities, so that students can strengthen their body and relax their mind in a limited period. All dancers, in an excited mood, show themselves in sweat along with the lively music.

As one of traditional Chinese martial arts, Taijiquan is an indispensable kind of sports. Since students tend to sit all day to attend the online courses in their rooms during the epidemic, students can keep a healthy figure and have a relaxing mind through playing Taijiquan. Students who keep morning exercises in the morning are the most beautiful scenes of our campus.

No sport, no youth. As the early summer is a good time for sports, let’s go to the playground to exercise! I do exercises, I grow healthy, I become happy!

Editor: Li Xiang