Key Laboratories

Introduction to Key Laboratory of Three-Beam Material Modification, Ministry of Education

It is of great practical significance for China, which has become a major manufacturing country, to prepare and modify materials by using energetic beams and plasma to realize the function and application of new materials and provide new materials and technologies for the advanced manufacturing industry. Given this demand, the Laboratory started operation as a former State Key Joint Laboratory (Dalian University of Technology) in 1991, and turned into independent institute as a Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education in 2009. The Laboratory gives full play to its interdisciplinary advantages of Materials Science and Engineering and Physics, and is committed to research on new material design and material modification, surface modification of energetic beams materials and preparation of special energy field materials, low-temperature plasma physics and related technologies, fusion plasma and fusion reactor materials, etc.

The Laboratory consists of 57 professors and 30-odd associate professors, lecturers and laboratory technicians, including nine state-level talents and eight state-level young talents. In 2021, it undertook 247 scientific research projects with a total fund of 79.05 million yuan. The Laboratory has established extensive project cooperation and frequent personnel exchanges with Russia, the United States, Japan, France, Sweden and other countries, and has gradually become an international academic research and talent training base.