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The Power of DUT Alumni in Fighting against COVID-19

Apr 13, 2020 

SourceAlumni Office

By Yao Lu, Li Xiang

During the epidemic period, a group of Dalian people living in Tokyo distributed masks to Japanese citizens for free on Ginza Street of Tokyo, in order to thank the Japanese people for their sincere assistance to China when COVID-19 raged at the beginning of the new year.


The initiator of this charity event, Liu Yanlin, is an alumna of DUT. This activity was also strongly supported by the DUT Alumni Association in Japan and Dalian General Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

The packing bags had a heartwarming message printed on them which says “海上生明月,天涯共此时”, when translated to English, the short message says As the bright moon shines over the sea, from far away, you share this moment with me. By doing this, the alumni hoped to show that people in different nations and regions should support each other and work together to win this battle.

Editor: Li Xiang