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DLI Boosts Academic Support During the Pandemic

Apr 29, 2020 

Source:Leicester International Institute, DUT


To implement the requirement of “Ensuring learning insusceptible when universities are closed”, explore new ideas and new methods to promote rigorous academic atmosphere during this pandemic and provide high-level ideological guidance for students, Dalian Leicester Institute has been taking multiple actions simultaneously to promote the academic atmosphere steadily during the outbreak by improving the co-cultivation between family and school, motivating students’learning initiative and enhancing the exemplary effect of the student leads, etc.


Coherent education by home-school collaboration.

Student tutors regularly communicate with students who had academic difficulties and their parents online, establishing a home-school linkage mechanism to know about students’ learning progression, provide adequate guidance, and ensure that every student is supported.


Enhancing learning efficiency by improving self-discipline.

Since February 28, DLI has carried out the activity of “morning reading and morning learning”. Senior students read academic articles to enhance their professional knowledge and year 1 students memorize English vocabularies to improve their English foundation. Therefore, students can quickly adapt to the pace of daily online classes, and enhance their self-discipline awareness.


Supervising the whole process and strengthening the learning consciousness.

Each class holds regular class meeting, aiming to make a study plan and target for this semester in light of the academic performance of the autumn term so as to create a positive competitive academic atmosphere and stimulate students’ online study motivation. A series of activities have been held, such as online self-study room, English speaking activity, reading salon, notes checking, resources sharing, etc. Besides, DLI has been holding feedback meetings to know about students’ opinions and suggestions toward online teaching and online learning in order to solve students’ problems and optimize students’ experience promptly.

Broadening online learning channels by cloud sharing.

The WeChat official platform of DLI has been releasing a series of learning resources, which covers recommends professional books, English learning skills, soft wares usage, career development, etc. which has broadened and enriched students’ knowledge. It has also published many notifications and information about academic competitions and activities to help students make a full preparation in advance.


Stimulating interests & improving professional skills.

DLI is organising four sessions of “The Narrator” English speaking contest which not only to enhance the English speaking level of the contestants but also to help the listeners accumulate English knowledge and improve the listening ability. Besides, The Student Union of Panjin campus and DLI also collaboratively held an IELTS and TOEFL mock exam, which helped students have a better understanding of their English level and make a clearer plans for future study.


Student leads play an exemplary role.

DLI held learning experience sharing sessions which invited outstanding students from each programme and each class to share their learning experiences and skills. Moreover, DLI also held science and technology innovation salons, invited students to share related experiences aiming to improving students’ enthusiasm to participate in the scientific and technological innovation competitions and projects. In addition, DLI is implementing peer support activities, such as organising online sessions for the students with good academic performance help with the comparably weak students by going through the lectures and answering questions to create a positive routine of mutual help.


During this unprecedented epidemic, DLI has been attaching great importance to the construction of learning, motivating students to fulfil the study schedule with high quality, and improving students’ independence of self -learning. DLI will keep working on the development of academic construction to ensure the high standard of online teaching and high effectiveness of online learning.

Editor: Li Xiang