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National & Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Energy Saving Control Technology for Industrial Equipment

Introduction: The National & Joint Engineering Laboratory of Energy Saving Control Technology for Industrial Equipment is grounded in the first-class discipline – Control Science and Engineering of the Dalian University of Technology (DUT). The Laboratory has 10 professors and 23 associate professors with a varied academic background including control theory, control engineering, computer software, network technology, embedded technology, and other disciplines. Especially in terms of the field-bus control system and advanced control theory and engineering application, it possesses distinct advantages through interdisciplinary and complementary backgrounds.

Now, a high-level scientific research team focusing on basic theoretical and application research has taken shape with a clear research direction and a reasonable knowledge structure. To address major needs of the state and the industry, the Laboratory has carried out a wide range of researches on field-bus energy-saving control theory and methods based on the industrial ethernet, the optimization control technology of intelligent testing and energy saving for major industrial equipment, energy-efficient control technology of equipment and system, enterprise energy monitoring and management technology, energy-efficient and efficiency-raising technology based on optimal dispatching of the production process. Therefore, the Laboratory has developed a set of leading energy-saving control theories as well as technology and engineering application system for industrial equipment.

Over the recent years, the Laboratory has undertaken more than 50 research projects and licensed 30 invention patents. Over 150 doctoral and postgraduate students have graduated and more than 100 academic papers have been published. In the future, the Laboratory will forge ahead with innovation and creativity with a focus on Energy Saving Control Technology for Industrial Equipment. It will help enterprises enhance their capacity for energy management and control and enable enterprises to achieve carbon peaking and neutrality goals.

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