About Us

Dalian University of Technology (DUT) is a national key university directly administrated by the Ministry of Education of China and sponsored by Project 211 and Project 985. In September 2017, after approval by the State Council, DUT was selected into the university of the “Double First-Class” Initiative, category A. It has formed a multi-disciplinary system that focuses on science and engineering and coordinates the disciplines of economics, management, humanities, law, philosophy, and arts.

Internationalization is one of the important strategic goals of DUT. The university is actively involved in promoting the “One Belt, One Road” education initiative and building a community of shared future for mankind. DUT has established long-term stable collaborations with 311 universities and institutions in 42 countries and regions. At present, the university has established 3 Sino-foreign cooperative institutions with Ritsumeikan University, Leicester University, and Belarusian State University respectively, and 1 Sino-foreign cooperative program with University of California, Irvine.

In order to enhance students’ international vision and academic capability, the university actively fosters over 150 overseas exchange programs, and in recent years, nearly 3,000 students study overseas for long and short-term exchanges each year; more than 600 overseas experts and scholars have been invited to DUT for long/short-term visiting programs each year; nearly 20 national foreign expert programs have been approved each year; more than teachers going overseas for long/short-term exchanges or visits each year; since 2022, the university has 1,315 international students.

DUT has joined 21 international organizations and alliances in higher education, including Sino-EU Engineering Education Platform, Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities, University Alliance of Belt & Road, Shanghai Cooperation Organization University, China-Central Eastern European Countries Higher Education Institutions Consortium, ASEAN-China Network for Cooperation and Exchange among Engineering and Technology Universities, etc. Among them, Excellence 9 and Sixers was initiated by DUT, which has built a rich network of international partners.

  • 1950.7

    Independent as DUT

  • 1986.4

    Established Graduate School

  • 1996

    “Project 211” University

  • 2003

    Identified as the university under the direct management of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

  • 2017.9

    Category A university of “Double First-Class” Initiative

  • 1949.4

    Founded as School of Engineering of Dalian University

  • 1960.10

    Recognized as a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education

  • 1988.3

    Renamed as DUT

  • 2001

    “Project 985” University

  • 2012.12

    Established Panjin Campus

  • 2022.2

    Approved as one of the "Double First-Class" universities of the second round