Specialities & Strengths

  • Disciplinary Group of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

    Chemical Engineering and Technology focuses on driving the disciplinary group of chemistry & chemical engineering to achieve leapfrog development. This disciplinary group promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of fine chemicals in Liaoning Province and assists the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China. At the same time, it provides scientific and technological support for the revolutionary development of emerging industries such as health, information and new energy, and becomes a national strategic scientific and technological force in this field.

  • Disciplinary Group of Equipment Manufacturing

    The disciplinary group of equipment manufacturing takes Mechanical Engineering as the key discipline, making contributions to the implementation of the manufacturing power strategy and regional economic development. It also builds a first-class faculty in the field of equipment manufacturing, cultivates first-class elites in mechanical engineering, and builds a high-level mechanical engineering talent training base and an important achievement output base which are indispensable for the construction of an innovation-oriented country and the development of regional economy.

  • Disciplinary Group of Vehicle Engineering

    The disciplinary group of vehicle engineering takes Mechanics as the key discipline. It is committed to providing frontier theories and key technologies for important mechanics problems such as lightweight design of national major equipments, playing a leading role in solving key problems of independently controllable CAE software development and making substantial contributions to the independent innovation of leading enterprises in relevant industries and key enterprises in Liaoning Province.

  • Disciplinary Group of Infrastructure Engineering

    Civil Engineering focuses on driving the disciplinary group of infrastructure engineering to a new level. This disciplinary group deepens scientific and technological cooperation with large construction engineering enterprises, and plays a leading role in scientific research of construction fields such as high dams, deep ocean, deep earth, super high-rise building and cross-sea transportation; it also tackles the key technologies in the regional characteristics of Northeast China, such as coast, sea ice, water resources and water ecology, and energy of building in cold regions, assisting the revitalization of Northeast China with scientific and technological innovation.

  • Disciplinary Group of Information Science

    Control Science and Engineering leads the coordinated development of the disciplinary group of information science. This disciplinary group carries out in-depth theoretical research on control and optimization of complex switching systems which assists the development of home-made aero-engine control system; it also builds a large-scale industrial energy internet management and control platform for engineering demonstration, providing support for the national goal of "Carbon Neutrality".

  • Disciplinary Group of Management

    Management Science and Engineering promotes the disciplinary group of management to form a leading disciplinary system in China. The disciplinary group builds a platform for cross-discipline research institutes and carries out industry-university-research strategic cooperation with large-scale enterprises. On the basis of the existing platforms, Liaoning High-quality Development Research Institute will be built significantly as a national high-end think tank, which provides services for local economic and social development, centering on meeting major national needs and the revitalization of Northeast China in the new era.

  • Disciplinary Group of Mathematics & Physics

    The disciplinary group of mathematics & physics has been making rapid development by taking advantage of the fundamental-discipline features. Through interdisciplinary and science-engineering integration, this disciplinary group has made breakthroughs in artificial intelligence algorithms, optimization theory of machine learning, financial big data analysis, semiconductor chips, magnetic confinement fusion and other application fields; Liaoning National Applied Mathematics Center, DUT-Huawei joint laboratory and other scientific research platforms have been built.

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