Key Laboratories

National & Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Bridge and Tunnel Technology

Contact: Qiu Wenliang


TheNational & Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Bridge and Tunnel Technology consists of the laboratoryofbridge and tunnel structures andthe laboratoryofwind tunnel. With anarea of about 5000 square meters, the laboratoryofbridge and tunnel structuresisequipped with large shear compression machines, fatigue testing machines, shaking tables, pools, geotechnical boxes, actuators, universal testing machines and other devices, which canmeet the needforresearch onlarge-scale structural models, components and materials for dynamic and static testing.

With anarea of about 1000 square meters, the laboratoryofwind tunnel has a 18m-long, 3m-wide and 2.5m-high sectionfor experimentswith fully automatic measurement and control system, which can be used for wind resistance test on bridge and building structures.TheLaboratoryhascompetent capabilities withmorethan 80 scientific researchers,forminganindustry-university-researchcombinedteam integrating teaching, scientific research, design, construction monitoring, health monitoring, testingand evaluation, and maintenance and reinforcement.

TheLaboratory has completed more than 100 scientific research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China Projects, the National Key Technologies R&D Program and the Provincial Key Fund Projects, and more than 300 engineering service projects in major engineering design, construction monitoring, inspection, health monitoring, etc., includingthe DalianXinghai Bay Cross-sea Bridgeproject.

Fig. 1Laboratoryofbridge and tunnel structures

Fig. 2Laboratoryof windtunnel