Key Laboratories

National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center of E-government Simulation (Liaoning)

Introduction: The National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center of E-government Simulation (Liaoning) was approved for construction by the National Development and Reform Commission in November 2011. The Center is subordinate to the DUT School of Economics and Management, which boasts the national key discipline and first-level discipline of Management Science and Engineering. Focusing on digital government and intelligent social governance, the Center mainly devotes efforts to theoretical research and development of key technologies and service platforms driven by the combination of data and knowledge. Its research directions include research and development of theoretical approach and key common technologies and business platforms on digital government, intelligent emergency response and management, intelligent social governance and their business platform development, formulation of industry codes and standards, as well as consultancy services on digital government and social governance. Its research results have served over 300 Party and government bodies involving state organs, ministries and commissions, provinces, municipalities, and counties/districts.

Contact: Su Xiaoyan

Update: The name of the director is changed from Wang Yanzhang to Ye Xin in the Excel sheet.

Figures: Research output of the Center