Academicians of the Chinese

Xiang Changle

Professor Xiang Changle, former Vice Dean of Vehicle and Traffic Engineering, Dean, MemberandDeputy Secretary of the Party Standing Committee of School of Machinery and Vehicle, Vice President and Executive Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing University of Technology, has been a member of the Party Group and Secretary of the Ninth Secretariat of the China Association for Science and Technology from May 2016 to April 2019, and Secretary of the Party Committee of Dalian University of Technology since October 2021. In 2019, Professor Xiang was elected as academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Professor Xiang has long been committed to special vehicle transmission research and talent cultivation, and pioneered in vehicle transmission theory, technological innovation, equipment development andmilitaryapplication. He has presided over the development of high-power hydraulic torque converter systems, hydro-mechanical integrated transmission systems and high-power electromechanical composite transmission systems. His research results are applied to special vehicle manufacturing andpromptmajor progresses in transmission technology for special vehicles in China.