Academicians of the Chinese

Peng Xiaojun

Peng Xiaojun, elected academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2017, has been the Director of the State Key Laboratory of Fine Chemicals of Dalian University of Technology since 1997, Dean of School of Chemical Engineering since 2019, and Director of Shenzhen Research Institute, Dalian University of Technology since 2020.

Professor Peng has long been engaged in the field of fine chemicals. His team has built a molecular platform for near-infrared ratiometric fluorescence anthocyanine dye probes, which provides a new method for solving the acquisition of quantitative fluorescence information of complex systems and is widely used at home and abroad. Another research result, weather-resistant inkjet printing dye product system is now applied on industrial scale and has helped China becoming a major manufacturer of color inkjet printing supplies. The industrialization of fluorescent probes in blood cell analysis systems has transformed clinical blood analysisdevicelandscape in China.

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